Bones of Gods


Yeah, that sounds all grand and majestic and whatnot.  As a fan of weirdness, I was interested in the giant hole that suddenly popped open in the ground in Siberia.  Aliens?  Climate change?  The Mole Man?  Did the Earth fart?  Nah, those were lame.  The best explanation would be that deep within the Earth’s crust lies a bunch of dormant giant kaiju monster things, and one popped through.  Then I thought, what if they’re ghost kaiju – even better.  And so that ended up being a giant skeleton lumbering up from the hole, fractured, ancient sword in hand.  Why?  I dunno.  I thought it amusing.

BonesMade some more progress on the zombie dragon drawing.  To hell with all the hatching I was thinking, dry brushing this thing, and it looks way better that way.  Still a long ways to go.



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