Poor Froggie


So I was driving down the interstate yesterday, when all of a sudden something pops up on my windshield.  At first I thought it was a leaf lodged under my wipers, but no, twas a little frog.  It hopped up right in my view, and I thought I could pull over, get the guy off on the side of the road, and be on my way.  But then, busy highway, dangerous to pull off, plus the damned frog would probably jump right into traffic.  So on I went, talking to the frog, telling him to hang tight until we got off the highway.  He listened for a few miles, but then he decided it was time.  Either the wind caught him or he jumped, but needless to say, the frog is no more, unless he was Kryptonian.  In tribute, I present this totally realistic representation of the event, with a tree frog standing in.


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