Once upon a time, I wanted to draw comics for a living.  I suppose I still do, but after submissions to the “big two” and Dark Horse, I got discouraged.  My last attempt was to Dark Horse – “you’re close” the editor said.  At that point, I was close to buying groceries on the credit card and was discouraged, so, that whole “real job” crap happened.  More than a decade later, wrong choice.  Yes, financially, more stable, but mentally and emotionally, hollow and irrelevant.  I get paid well to take care of my family, but the toll on my mind, ugh.

So what you see here is the second page of a set of sample pages, maybe something more, I don’t know yet.  Not sure if I’ll post page by page, or wait until I have them done and post them or what.  The featured character, if you’ve hit this site before, will be familiar to you.  I’m not going for high art, this is going to be B-movie style, pulp, scifi/horror.  More to come…


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