How is April almost over?!?


I really hate how, the older you get, the faster time seems to go, and the less you seem to get done. Really frustrating. I’ve been out of commission for the last few weeks, as far as meaningful artworking goes. A nasty cold, stress with the day job, family duties, etc. I go to the Illustration Master Class in June, which is barely a month away now, and that’s exciting and terrifying. And I still don’t have a solid portfolio. Will I ever?

My goals with my art (which I hate to call it sometimes because it seems so high brow, and I like to go with no brow) are pretty simple. It would be nice if I could pay the bills with it, but I know that’s a long shot. All I want are 1) for people to get some enjoyment out of it, 2) get something, anything, in print (not by my own hand), and 3) be able to leave something behind for my daughter so she can look back and say, “my dad was an artist, here’s one of his drawings”, not “my dad did stuff with data and financial crap”.

So here we are, another weekend. Let’s see if I can make this “drawing monsters while listening to death metal crap” happen. Hopefully I’ll be throwing some work up here in the next 48 hours for you few people to click on.

Thanks for reading.

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