Time Sucks, Here’s Some Pitchers


Revisions and/or new pages. These will have words and sound effects in the near future.

I am SO productive. I wish I had more time to devote to this. The few editors and publishers I’ve met with vocally frowned upon my honesty about time to produce work when you’ve got a family, house, and a non-art day job to keep up with. I guess if I’m serious about making artwork, to them, I need to drop all that and beat my ass producing work for free or visibility until said work starts paying at a dramatically lower rate than my current job. Tell that to the mouths I have to feed. Guess they’re in a different reality, but I’ve decided I should not be striving for editors, art directors, or other artists approvals. While they give an artist access to get their work in front of the masses, at the end of the day, the masses are the ones who buy the product and enjoy it (ideally). At the end of the day, I don’t want to do artwork for anyone but myself. If that means I draw shit and post it here and get one hit, so be it. If you like what I do, awesome, thank you, I will try to keep trying.




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