Heroes Con 2016



Well, that was a long weekend. I think it went generally how I expected.

Since I was so organized, I forgot to keep count of what all sold as it sold over the weekend. Luckily, my memory is pretty good, and I know what inventory I started with, so, using my crack data analysis skillz on what sold –

Comics – 25 (ish)
Small 8×11 prints of my own IP – 5
Large 13×19 prints of my own IP – 3
5×7 sketches of not my IP – 8
Larger sketches (including Brock Samson and Vampire Bats done over the weekend, on my IG feed if you wanna see) of not my IP – 6
Commissions – 1

So for my first time with a table at Heroes Con (or any con), I made back the cost of the table, parking, and food. I guess that’s ok.

Now if I factor out the sales to friends who came out to the con who would have gotten freebies if they would have let me, my sales would cover just the table. You suckers.

Friday sales were okay – I think this was the impulse buyer day, even though turnout was not as big. Saturday’s turnout was huge, but many people would come by, look, take a business card, and say they would be back. Sunday saw some of those people swing back by, and it was definitely the big sale day for me.

The most popular prints (by sales and how many people pointed them out as neat but not worth buying) were the dead retro astronaut image and the watercolor sea monsters.

I took a stack of misprinted postcards and flying eyeball stickers with me, along with a decent amount of business cards. All but 5 postcards were grabbed, all stickers were taken, and about 2/3 of the business cards were picked up. Some of those freebies went to kids (like the stickers), but hopefully those pickups lead to something down the road.

The convention was larger than ever, and being at the far end of the con floor may not have worked out well for me, and my neighbors. The Alley was a long walk from one end to the next, and you really had to have something eye catching to get the average stroller. My table set up would have caught more eyes, I think, had I changed it up a little. It was pretty much set so you had to be in almost directly in front to really see all the prints and whatnot. I would have been better off displaying some stuff off to my sides. Things to note if I do this again.

For those of you that came out to see me, or stopped by to look and chat, you have my thanks. You made this experience possible. Everyone that stopped by was nice, got lots of compliments on my work, no one trying to haggle or rip me off, which was my dread going into this.

So now, decisions. Am I going to do this again? Am I going to try this at other local conventions in NC, SC, etc.? I’m leaning towards “Yes”, but need to give it some thought and planning first. And of course, draw more comics. For now, that is all, I’m going to rest with some coffee and Fallout 4.

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