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I can share these now from late last fall – a five pager about Queen Tomyris, based on a song from the new album It Was Metal by the awesome metal band A Sound of Thunder! This has been a huge thing for me, one of my aspirations has been to do artwork for metal bands, since I do love me some metal, and these guys make some damn good metal.

The original art is available for purchase in a second Kickstarter they are doing to shore up some additional funds for expansions on the original Kickstarter for the new album, mainly around the size of the comic. There are a bunch of other great creators involved, so if you’e reading this, check it out, buy a comic, the new album, a shirt, some original art, or all of the above!

Some Commissions

Artwork, comics

A coworker and his wife are nerds, and requested these big single image pieces of some of their favorite Marvel Comics characters.  All of these are 18×24 ink, with some digital colors added later.  I like working big like this – I can really let the brush go wild, and work with a bigger brush to boot.

Believe it or not, been busy!

Artwork, comics

I spent the last couple weeks working on a small comic project for the Kickstarter campaign to fund the new album by the awesome metal band A Sound of Thunder – go here to get in on it.

I can’t share those pages yet, though keep an eye on the KS, they may share some soon. In the meantime, here’s a pinup of one of the characters from a couple of their songs, the might Udoroth!

News Bits

Artwork, comics

I’ll be at Dragon Con in Atlanta, GA between 9/1 and 9/4, booth 100L in the comics artists alley.  Come see me if you’re there.

And here’s one that I haven’t posted on here, and another that I added color to today.

Its On Random Again

Artwork, comics

A couple 18×24 random ink pieces. Needed to do something big after all those little sketches for Heroes Con. I like the whales in space, the other dead gods guys is kinda meh, but totally made that up as I went.

More pre-con sketches!

Artwork, comics

Updated constantly with MOAR SKETCHEZ!!! Need to adjust the levels on some of these color ones, but eh, later. Aint got time fo dat.