Just goofing around, 16×20 black ink, gouache, and gold ink on gray toned paper.

Oh the Horrors


Some things from this week. 16×20 ink Muck Monster Man and 18×24 ink Skull Landing, both 99% brush, and the same half inch angled shader even! Amazeballs. Anyway, the flu is terrible, don’t get it, and especially don’t let your kids get it. Be well people.

Some Commissions

Artwork, comics

A coworker and his wife are nerds, and requested these big single image pieces of some of their favorite Marvel Comics characters.  All of these are 18×24 ink, with some digital colors added later.  I like working big like this – I can really let the brush go wild, and work with a bigger brush to boot.

Believe it or not, been busy!

Artwork, comics

I spent the last couple weeks working on a small comic project for the Kickstarter campaign to fund the new album by the awesome metal band A Sound of Thunder – go here to get in on it.

I can’t share those pages yet, though keep an eye on the KS, they may share some soon. In the meantime, here’s a pinup of one of the characters from a couple of their songs, the might Udoroth!

News Bits

Artwork, comics

I’ll be at Dragon Con in Atlanta, GA between 9/1 and 9/4, booth 100L in the comics artists alley.  Come see me if you’re there.

And here’s one that I haven’t posted on here, and another that I added color to today.