Just goofing around, 16×20 black ink, gouache, and gold ink on gray toned paper.

A redo from the past, and madness!


Updated with some colors on the man from R’yleh.

Getting ready to put on a con

Artwork, comics

Heroes Con 2017 in Charlotte NC, that is. I’ll be there for a second time in a few weeks. Getting the jump on things with some sketches to add to the box of original sketches for sale along with some pre-con commissions.

Skulls R Metal


These will end up on some promo materials, maybe more, not sure yet. You can never go wrong with skulls and tentacles, amirite?

Speaking of screaming in space…



I have duh powah!

Artwork, comics

A quick Masters of the Universe Trapjaw commission wrapped up. The characters from the show and toyline are great – technology mashed with sword and sorcery with pulp vibe and aesthetics. Fun stuff to draw and get inspired by.


A Brief Distraction


I present, the Zombie Unicorns of Diomedes. A friend’s daughter, maybe ten years old, suggested I draw some zombie unicorns a while back. So I thought I’d combine it with my fondness for Greek mythology. So here, not too terribly exciting at the end of the day, dead horses shambling through the dead woods doesn’t yield much in the way of dynamics, plus it got away from me there a bit at the end. But oh well. I had some fun with it.

Update – I had a little fun and wrote some fake history about these guys.

The Zombie Unicorn of Diomedes

According to ancient myth, The Unicorn of Thrace belonged to the giant Diomedes, king of Thrace, son of Ares, God of War. These Unicorn, unlike their brethren, often seen as a symbol of purity and grace, were wild and ferocious creatures, their madness attributed to their unnatural diet of human flesh.

The kingdom of Thrace did not fare well as wandering undead swept the lands. It is said that all that remained of the great Diomedes was his giant skeleton, animated by whatever plague the Gods had cast down upon the Earth.

His four Unicorn, however, having feast upon the remains of those who once lived, remained remarkably intact, whatever madness remaining in them replaced with insatiable hunger. Rumor has it that, as the rotting beasts had their fill of Thrace, they moved on, through the forests along the Black Sea, eating, until their remains could no longer walk, forever lost in the darkness of the woods.

-Unknown Author, 657 BC