Believe it or not, been busy!

Artwork, comics

I spent the last couple weeks working on a small comic project for the Kickstarter campaign to fund the new album by the awesome metal band A Sound of Thunder – go here to get in on it.

I can’t share those pages yet, though keep an eye on the KS, they may share some soon. In the meantime, here’s a pinup of one of the characters from a couple of their songs, the might Udoroth!

We pause our regulary scheduled programming for the following…


In between some comics pages, a quick commission. This one was fun, I needed a break from the comics for a day.

TrickrTreatCommission 04022016

The Inktober Finale


So I didn’t get much good ink work done for this Inktober. My cubicle day job, constant illness of everyone in my house, and (joy of joys) house painting took up a lot of time. But, I did knock out a few more decent ink portraits that fit the season. Enjoy if you dare.




Melissa? Is that you there?


So here’s a Halloween thing based on some damn fine metal for the season, Mercyful Fate’s Melissa. Ooga booga.


Inktober Is Upon Us


The annual festival of ink drawings is upon us. Here’s one I did really quick today. I was going to draw The Hypnotoad, and it turned into this. For more of my inky scribblings, check out my Instagram to the right.


Return of the Vampire


So the whole time I’m drawing this, I keep getting Return of the Vampire stuck in my head.  Anyway, this fella’s just been caught and about to get some serious sun tan.  I did an old sketch of him last year, felt like revisiting it for a proper piece.  I think this is proper?  Almost gave up on it halfway through, but I think I brought it back to unlife.


Page 5


And finally page 5. Our intrepid dead (?) spaceman is bidding farewell to his ship’s computer, and walking to the ruined city in the distance to get some jumper cables. Little does he know a lady riding a giant zombified lizard creature is right behind him…

Had some struggles with this one, the result is…ok. The beast was fun to draw though. Okay, page 6 should be a bigger deal, more work there. Architecture and whatnot to draw in detail. Not my favorite, but it has to be done.