Bridal Portraits Now Available


A couple years ago I did this little watercolor of Frankenstein’s monster. Green as all can be. He’s at the bottom there. Anyway, at the SC Comic Con this year, a lady came by and was hoping I had a print of Frankie’s Bride to go with. Sadly, I did not, but thankfully, for me, she bought a print anyway, but I have had it on my list to give the monster his bride. So here she is.

For Those We Lost This Year


My black cat and my father in laws orange cat, both nearing 20 years old, both passed away this year. We miss them like hell every day.



Return of the Vampire


So the whole time I’m drawing this, I keep getting Return of the Vampire stuck in my head.  Anyway, this fella’s just been caught and about to get some serious sun tan.  I did an old sketch of him last year, felt like revisiting it for a proper piece.  I think this is proper?  Almost gave up on it halfway through, but I think I brought it back to unlife.


Beware the flying eye!


A couple bits from this morning. Finally put together some semi-professional business card designs, submitted an order, even have some stickers included. Now to other pitchers.

flying eye color