More pre-con sketches!

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Updated constantly with MOAR SKETCHEZ!!! Need to adjust the levels on some of these color ones, but eh, later. Aint got time fo dat.

I have duh powah!

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A quick Masters of the Universe Trapjaw commission wrapped up. The characters from the show and toyline are great – technology mashed with sword and sorcery with pulp vibe and aesthetics. Fun stuff to draw and get inspired by.


I am duh law!

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A new page, more in progress, and a sketch of the POTUS. When I first saw that photo with that chin, I knew he was destined to become a Judge in Megacorp America, Judge Drumpp!



Pages 23 and 24

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Pages 23 and 24 of the story…or I may move these to an interlude after a few more pages…we’ll see. Either way, a mysterious crotchety figure, friendly to those lovely worms, is following The Corpsewalker…


Now on Comixology!

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Go here to grab your digital version of The Corpsewalker #1, if you’re not into the analog format! Apparently it finally got put up for sale this past Wednesday.

Now I need to get back to MOAR COMICS.

I’m still here!


Busy busy. Getting copies of the comic printed, getting prints ready, getting signage and updated business cards. I will be at Heroes Con 2016 in Charlotte, NC with all my nonsense, come see me!


And Issue One Is Done!

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Head on over to the completed pages, now with words and sound effects, and some cleanup. Along with the last two pages that haven’t been posted here yet.

Now to get it ready for printing!