Its On Random Again

Artwork, comics

A couple 18×24 random ink pieces. Needed to do something big after all those little sketches for Heroes Con. I like the whales in space, the other dead gods guys is kinda meh, but totally made that up as I went.

Getting ready to put on a con

Artwork, comics

Heroes Con 2017 in Charlotte NC, that is. I’ll be there for a second time in a few weeks. Getting the jump on things with some sketches to add to the box of original sketches for sale along with some pre-con commissions.

Its Been a Bit

Artwork, comics

The Corpsewalker is getting his feet back under him again, the rest of the story, well, this part of the story, has been reworked. A page is done, but, might hit the trash. Not sure till I work up the next few.

In the meantime, inspired by my daughter’s first trip to the beach…and monsters…here’s this. Where are the Jaegers?!?!


Page 5


And finally page 5. Our intrepid dead (?) spaceman is bidding farewell to his ship’s computer, and walking to the ruined city in the distance to get some jumper cables. Little does he know a lady riding a giant zombified lizard creature is right behind him…

Had some struggles with this one, the result is…ok. The beast was fun to draw though. Okay, page 6 should be a bigger deal, more work there. Architecture and whatnot to draw in detail. Not my favorite, but it has to be done.



I mainly started this as procrastination on page 5. It turned into a mockup of what I’d maybe do for a cover of this comic thing, or a pinup, or whatever. Either way, fun times with some Copic markers.


Spring Cleaning


Gave this junk heap a little overhaul. Nothing as grand as I originally had planned, but it’ll do. A few things to note – I moved the comic pages to their own little pocket universe, and divided up all the other poop here into sub-pages. Click the menus at the top, you’ll figure it out. And I added some subpar writing to the comic pages, to provide a little more context, not that there’s much more than space zombie shoots things and cracks wise.

On to Page 4


Not really liking those 3rd and 4th panels…but I’m tired of this sequence and need to move on to more interesting things to draw. So our spaceman has crashed on a desert planet, only to be greeted by two zombified natives. Violence ensues, our spaceman takes down the creatures, then stands revealed as seemingly a zombie himself. OH SUSPENSE.