Getting ready to put on a con

Artwork, comics

Heroes Con 2017 in Charlotte NC, that is. I’ll be there for a second time in a few weeks. Getting the jump on things with some sketches to add to the box of original sketches for sale along with some pre-con commissions.

Inktober Is Upon Us


The annual festival of ink drawings is upon us. Here’s one I did really quick today. I was going to draw The Hypnotoad, and it turned into this. For more of my inky scribblings, check out my Instagram to the right.




Working on my drybrushing technique (lulz), and I think it’s coming together. Some metal icons here, and a Thing.

The King







Mittens, Lord of the Forest


In four weeks I head off to the Illustration Master Class. It’s going to be awesome, if for nothing else than to be around all those creatives and idols for a week. I only hope it leads to something more. Nevertheless, I have a lot to do in the next few weeks. Lots of planning, materials to gather, comps to prepare, a decent portfolio to present, and that’s just for the trip. It’s scary and exciting.

So of course last weekend I got jack squat done, art-wise. After mother’s day at the in-laws, hanging out with their super fuzzy, friendly cats, I felt like drawing a scruffy old cat. Of course, I made the cat a bit grumpy and toothy, and gave him some fairy minions. Here is the tiny drawing that resulted from that idea.  I might take this idea and make something more substantial from it later.

But for now, off to bed…


Sketches of Unquestionable Mediocrity


After battling the zombie hordes at Costco, and recovering with some cookies, a couple sketches. Out first one is what happens when your child asks you to draw a cactus monster on her iPad. So I drew one for her, and came back and drew one with my usual tools in 15 minutes or so. She of course like’s the blocky iPad one better. And then one of the many versions of Mr. Hyde, slopping ink around.



Page 5


And finally page 5. Our intrepid dead (?) spaceman is bidding farewell to his ship’s computer, and walking to the ruined city in the distance to get some jumper cables. Little does he know a lady riding a giant zombified lizard creature is right behind him…

Had some struggles with this one, the result is…ok. The beast was fun to draw though. Okay, page 6 should be a bigger deal, more work there. Architecture and whatnot to draw in detail. Not my favorite, but it has to be done.