More pre-con sketches!

Artwork, comics

Updated constantly with MOAR SKETCHEZ!!! Need to adjust the levels on some of these color ones, but eh, later. Aint got time fo dat.

Progress of the Dead


Here’s a new page, finally. I’m redoing the previous set of pages, so some of those sequences and panels will be reused, this is the new page 3 of the first issue. Here’s hoping I pick up the pace.


Arise Chicken!


So yeah, I’m still around.  I have a plan, a scheme, if you will.  To make a comic book.  All by myself.  For reals this time.  I’m plugging the holes in the stories, getting it to work out logically but with some cheese mixed in, and designing the characters.  I shall return shortly with progress.  Space faring zombies and ghosts and intergalactic tapeworms, oh my.

Page 7 – Punch


This is mainly obligatory splash and splatter. But fun. And messy. To IMC in 48 hours or so. Nervous. Gaseous. Good night.


Page 6


Finally got back to the comics. Here we are with page six, condensed somewhat from what I had originally planned. When I “write” (I use that term loosely, because I’m not a writer), I tend to draw things out way more than needed – for example, this would have been a two page spread, and if I went with my original outline, I’d be on page ten or so. That said, this page makes more sense with the next page, which will be a big splash page of that wide mouthed alien fella getting punched in the face.

Our spaceman has ventured to the city in the distance, and has encountered some unfriendly residents in the remains of town. Obviously, this place has seen better days.


Page 5


And finally page 5. Our intrepid dead (?) spaceman is bidding farewell to his ship’s computer, and walking to the ruined city in the distance to get some jumper cables. Little does he know a lady riding a giant zombified lizard creature is right behind him…

Had some struggles with this one, the result is…ok. The beast was fun to draw though. Okay, page 6 should be a bigger deal, more work there. Architecture and whatnot to draw in detail. Not my favorite, but it has to be done.



I mainly started this as procrastination on page 5. It turned into a mockup of what I’d maybe do for a cover of this comic thing, or a pinup, or whatever. Either way, fun times with some Copic markers.